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So I found out that there’s an inline skating marathon in Napa valley coming up on June 6th (my dad’s bday).

I haven’t skated, or done much of anything cardio wise in the past 6 months (cept some running on the treadmill back in January). Wonder if I could get myself together enough to skate 26 miles in the next 3 weeks? I obviously wouldn’t be trying to do the marathon for time, just to do it.

I think I might give it a go, though if I am going to I need to get out on my skates this weekend! I’m gonna have to dust them off and charge up my Forerunner 305. Anyone else in the Bay Area up for some skating? I might be a big guy, but I tell you I love to skate, I’ve got four pairs of inline skates :) These are the ones I use for fitness now K2 Radical Pro In-Line Skates.

I will need to get myself a helmet and likely some pads and such before the marathon as I don’t think my hockey pads/helmet will do for that event :)

So far I've been on my new K2 Radical 100s for probably 10-12 miles. I went out Friday after work for a lap around Creve Couer lake. By the time I was done I was completely exhausted. The Radicals definitely have far less ankle support than I am used to, and after my first day on the skates that made a huge difference. Today I went out again with Eric and we skated our usual two laps. These skates are fast, exceptionally fast. The fit is great though I'm going to Heat Mold them later this week, probably before I skate again. If you're in the market for a pair of long distance fitness skates definitely look into the Radical 100s. The biggest change for me so far, besides the ankle support, is the turning radius. I am far less nimble on these than my older skates with much smaller wheels. But these skates weren't made for agility, so if I want to do some hockey stops I'll throw on my other pair of K2s or my hockey...

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