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So I was hoping to get going on my fitness goals for the year this weekend. To recap from my 1/1/11 blog post, I would like to bike 500 miles, and inline skate at least 100 miles. As of right now getting the bike anywhere to ride will be difficult because I don’t want to put it in the CX-7 and we don’t have a bike rack yet (hopefully soon). So I decided to skate, the first time in quite a while. I went out yesterday to Redwood Shores and skated on the path there near Oracle’s headquarters. I skated 5 miles, just under 29 minutes total, not bad considering I haven’t done anything in quite a while, but not great for my past times. But I wanted to get out and do it, get the pain over and done with so I can skate on a more regular basis.

So Sunday Natalie and I headed up to Creve Coeur park. She walked the dogs and I skated for the first time this year. Boy did I hurt by the end of it, I think most of the pain was caused by a loose frame on my skate, which I didn’t notice until before I went to go skate today.

Sunday I went ~5miles in just over 30 minutes, with an average heart rate of 178, burning in excess of 1000 calories in that time period, at least according to the software.

Today I went ~4.8 miles in just over 28 minutes, a better pace than I did on Sunday, with an average HR of 179, though I did have a break during today’s session as I ran into an old friend on the trailer and stopped to talk for 5 minutes.

You can check out the results from Sunday and Today online at http://trail.motionbased.com/trail/user/chrishammond it even has a map.

So I’m back in the fitness game, hoping to skate 4-5 times a week, I’ll try to get back out tomorrow, and might even try to get some in during the trip to Colorado this weekend, we’ll see how that goes.

I need to get on the Wii fit so I can track any weight changes, and do some other workouts, perhaps I’ll do that in the morning.


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