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So I'm here in Minneapolis teaching another week of DotNetNuke Training. It's an interesting town, but I'm looking forward to being home again this weekend and working on the Datsun www.project240z.com

Monday it looks like I am driving to Indianapolis for the day to meet with a new client, then driving home Monday night. That'll make for a long day, but I would rather do that then stay over night.

Check out my flickr feed for some photos www.flickr.com/photos/chammond/

While i've been here I've been trying to finish up a few chapter reviews from the production layouts for the book. I have one chapter left to review, and Pat has a chapter or two to finish up. After that I "think" we're done with the book, but we'll see what the publisher says!

Instead of my usual trips to the West Coast, 2007 is a year of trips East! Tonight I'm heading off to Washington DC for some DotNetNuke training with a client, and then on Wednesday I take a train (first time since I was probably 4 or 5) up to New York City. I've been to Washington a few times, most recently last June for the ProSolo event, but I didn't get to do any tourist type stuff, Natalie took all the photos in the link. So I'm hoping to at least walk around for a few hours Tuesday evening taking some cool photos. I've never been to New York, so I'm hoping to get to do some of the major things while I'm there. See the Empire State Building, which I think is a block over from my hotel, as well as visit the site of the World Trade Center, as well as any number of other things I can think of, and hopefully fit in during my alloted time! I'll be back in town on Friday, feverishly working on the 280Z so I can get rid of it this weekend and pick up the 240 from Illinois to get it back home in the garage. In April I'm headed East again, going to Opening Day at Fenway for the 2nd year in a...

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