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So my weekend of working on the 240Z started off quite slowly today. I ended up sleeping until almost noon this morning, it was nice to catch up on some much lost rest from the travelling the past few months.

So after my restful morning I had a few errands to run to get my costume ready for a party tonight. Once those were completed I was able to spend some time in the garage. First things first getting the months of piled on crap off the top of the car. That led me to assembling the 2nd craftsman stool that I had purchased probably 10 months ago now, it was in a box on the hood of the car.

Once I could see the top of the car I made room at the back and rolled her back a bit in the garage, this allowed me to get to the motor which has been on the stand for quite some time sitting in front of the car. Without the Corvette in the garage (*sheds a small tear*) I had plenty of room to move the motor over to the free side of the garage to work on. The next step for the car is to get all of the motor bits back together, the manifolds, turbo and all other accessories need to be put on the car so that I can put it back in the engine bay. I spent some time this afternoon cleaning off some more of the grease/dirt that covers the motor. I think Lynn, the previous owner, took it to a rally cross based on all the dirt and grime I’ve pulled off this motor over time.

I didn’t get too far today, but I hope that tomorrow I can get all of the parts back on the motor, if I can successfully do that I should be able to get the motor back in the car next weekend. The biggest problem I have working on the car is staying focused, if I’m by myself I tend to stray from the task at hand, and I never seem to get anything done. Case in point today, at some point while working on clearing off the car I got out the angle grinder and wire wheeled the hole where the FM antenna was at one point, I thought it looked like it might be rusting so I took the paint off then sprayed some primer on the car. Now it looks worse than before, but I had fun! :)

More updates tomorrow, hopefully with some video. I tried using the Chase Cam today to shoot some video but apparently the PDR doesn’t really care for normal AA batteries as it only stayed powered on for about 5 minutes before shutting off, without me knowing.

3 of 5 drivers in the CorvetteZ06.org team finished in 3rd this weekend. Natalie finished third in SSL, Dave finished Third in ASP, and I finished third in SS. Beth finished 2nd in SSL and managed to win the only tire this weekend, Tom ended up having to deal with some family business in KC after taking his runs on Saturday so he was unable to run on Sunday. Hopefully his father-in-law is doing better. More detailed updates and video later this weekend/week.
I spent the day today cleaning up the Corvette and then setup the new look of the car for the upcoming Solo Nationals. A big thanks to Dave at www.SoloPerformance.com for getting the vinyl cut yesterday. It took me pretty much all afternoon to get this done, with washing the car, clay barring a few parts of the car, polish and wax, applying the vinyl then another wash. I think the car turned out great, you can check out the flickr photos to see what it looks like. Now for the video, music from Steve Ewing (www.steveewingmusic.com) Check out the video on the full blog post.
Another class win in SS and SSL for the CorvetteZ06.org team, as well as another overall index win, that makes 3 local events in a row for the team. Videos and data coming later this week. Anyone who watched my fifth run today also witnessed the return of the White Tornado to St. Louis. Photos of the aftermath can be found on the full blog post.
So this past Sunday was the 5th event of the St. Louis Autocross season, really it was only the 4th event held this year due to rain/blow out of what was supposed to be event number 3. The region has changed their event structure this year, back to a three heat format, with the attempt to get 5 runs each heat, that worked out on Sunday. Beth ran the Corvette in SSL during the second heat, there were two drivers in the class, Beth ended up taking first, and also taking first on the ladies index challenge. Dave and I both ran in the third heat. I managed to take the win in SS, as well as the win on the index results for the event, I even managed to get the fastest raw time for the event, though I took out a single cone before the starting lights on that run so it doesn't count for anything! Dave managed 2nd in SS behind me, and 6th on index for the event. I've posted some of the videos from the event in a post a few days ago. I did come to realize there is no need for me to attend any more local events this year, as I have no possibility of winning the class championship, or the index championship due to the fact that the solo board decided to screw up the points by making the divisional worth a single event but double the points, so now, unless people just don't attend 6 events in SS I have no shot at making up 10k points. That doesn't mean I won't continue to show up though, I'll be doing my damnedest to win every event, both class and index for the rest of the year (cept 10/6 when I'll be in Europe). I might not have a shot at winning based on points, but I'll be damned sure to make people know who the fastest mofo in St. Louis is this year. This weekend the CorvetteZ06.org team is headed to Milwaukee Wisconsin to take part in The Tire Rack SCCA National Tour event, videos of that to come next week!
Because I slept for 5 hours after the event yesterday I was up until about 4am this morning, working on video from the autocross. I didn't get all of it processed but I did get quite a few posted. I'll try to get more posted later this week. All the video posted (except for one inserted video) was shot with the Chase Cam and PDR, we are proud to have Chase Cam as a sponsor here at CorvetteZ06.org You can find them on the Corvette flickr set, or by watching the videos below.
A great showing for the CorvetteZ06.org team at the July 13th 2008 event for the St. Louis Region SCCA. The car finished first on Index overall, first in SS and first in SSL, as well as a 2nd place finish in SS as well. Videos later in the week with a more detailed writeup of the events happenings.
Quick update: Got home about an hour and a half ago, 8 hour drive, the POS Ford check engine light came on again. The Corvette Z06 team filled in the top bottom two places at the Toledo ProSolo... Not much good to be said of the weekend, except I got some good spin footage to add to the White Tornado collection. I'll be working on video from last weekend and this weekend over the next few days to get all the runs posted.
So the CorvetteZ06.org Team took 9 runs today at the National Tour here in Bunker Hill Indiana. 2 out of those 9 runs were clean, the rest were DNFs and coned runs. Here's a quick overview of what I can remember Dave  Run 1 (Cones) Run 2 (Cones) Run 3 (DNF Cones) Chris Run 1 (DNF Cones) Run 2 (Cone) fast enough for 5th or 6th if clean Run 3 (Cones) Beth Run 1 (Cones) Run 2 Run 3 I am sitting in 9th, Dave in 11th, Beth in 3rd in SSL. I've reviewed my video from Run #1, and I don't see anywhere that I DNF'd the course, I did spin through the finish and hit a cone or two, but it sure doesn't look like I left the course at anytime. Right now tomorrow for Dave and I is just for fun, to see how well we can do in the car after a bad Saturday. I've got video from all the runs today, though it looks like the audio didn't record, I will have to check that out in the morning to make sure we get audio of tomorrows runs.
I'll do a full writeup on www.corvettez06.org later this week along with some video. For now I've got a lot of work to do. I have to submit my topics for OpenForce08 as well as work on a few other DNN modules tonight.
I started working on a YouTube module for DotNetNuke this evening. I have a very basic first version up here on Corvettez06.org. You can check it out on my corvette video page.

So today Nick and I spent most of the day working on the Corvette. We got the Koni Shocks from www.soloperformance.com installed, the sway bar from www.stranoparts.com, and the Hawk brake pads from www.jscspeed.com. Everything went rather well except for the following.

The shocks were a tad difficult to get installed because of the configuration of the suspension.

We lowered the car with the OEM ride height adjustment bolts. Well..... we thought we lowered it. Nick actually lowered the rear, I managed to raise the front. So I'll be correcting that tomorrow, and then we'll work on aligning the car. I hope to also work on getting the hoosiers mounted tomorrow.

I've got a TON of video from today to go through, perhaps I'll get it done after we finish watching "Miracle" on ABC tonight.

Today I went to Lynch Hummer here in Chesterfield, MO and test drove a black 2004 Corvette Z06. I forgot how much fun those cars are, last year I drove Krekeler's car at our last Autocross event of the season. You can see some of those runs in the videos below. I got to meet Jim Lynch, the owner, and a fellow SCCA Member. He's headed off to the Runoffs this week in Topeka, Good Luck Jim! Anyways, the Corvette I drove at Lynch just didn't quite fit me, black is a hard color to keep clean, and that kind of made me not want to buy the car they had on the lot. So I've been looking around, seeing what I can find online. I've looked ALL over! I think I've found a few options, but we'll see, heck, I might even end up in a blue commemerative edition car just like Krek's was. Road trip this weekend? Perhaps, we'll see..... my first run my only clean run a compilation of the fun posted from...

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